How Liz’s Legacy Scholarships have impacted my family

I’m thankful for the opportunity to share how the Liz Legacy Scholarship is impacting my family!  I have five daughters, including two adopted from foster care at young ages.  We had exhausted all options in helping our adopted daughters recover from their traumatic past experiences, but things kept spiraling down.  Their emotional problems and behavioral issues were beyond what we could manage and we were losing hope when we got a referral to KCA counseling.  I spoke to Diane personally and felt immediately cared for and more hopeful.  My teenager started counseling immediately a few months ago and we have seen progress almost every week.  When her younger sister began exhibiting worse anxiety depression and behavioral problems, I came to KCA in desperation because I knew she needed help as soon as possible and I needed to figure out a plan to pay for it.  Diane saw the need for her to start counseling right away and offered to help with a scholarship.  I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t know what would happen if we waited and I was greatly relieved!  The younger daughter has started counseling recently and I am optimistic because of the excellent care and help we are receiving in this process.   We feel like part of a family there.   This scholarship is making it possible for our family to move close to healing and restoration and I could never truly express in words my thanks and appreciation.


A Grateful Mom

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