What we do.

Liz’s Legacy works to ensure that struggling children and teens in the Central Florida area receive professional mental health counseling in order to heal and thrive.

We help provide these services by working with and providing funding grants to local licensed mental health counselors that are pre-approved by our board.   Services are provided to children and teenagers who could not otherwise afford this life-changing counseling.

Approved counselors’ request and receive scholarship funds from Liz’s Legacy in order to provide counseling services.

Approved counselors are encouraged to seek opportunities to serve others by using the grants provided by Liz’s Legacy.

Contact one of the approved local counselors on this web site now to discuss your specific need and how Liz’s Legacy can assist you.

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What To Expect

It is normal to experience a bit of anxiety about meeting your counselor for the first time.  Knowing what to expect and how to help prepare your child can help.

Process to obtain scholarship funds:

The first step is to contact one of the approved Liz’s Legacy Foundation approved mental health counseling centers identified on this web site.   The counseling center will work with you and determine if  Liz’s Legacy scholarship funds can be used.  They will also submit the request to the Foundation and get back to you that day or soon after.    

On the first day of counseling:

It is normal for a parent and a child to experience a bit of anxiety about meeting a counselor for the first time.   Once you make an appointment for your child to see a counselor, you will likely receive an email with forms to fill out. These forms usually include a place for you to tell the counselor what concerns you have regarding your child. At the very first appointment, many counselors will meet the parent(s) first for a few minutes so you can get to know the counselor and ask questions. Then, the counselor will meet with your child.  Please try not to worry if your child is nervous or shy.

Counselors who work with children and teens know to expect this and will often begin their session with a game or a craft to help build rapport with your child.   The therapist will get back to you on the best way to address any areas of concern. 


Note: Due to privacy concerns, names have been changed and/or data omitted.

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