Our Story

Liz’s Legacy was formed in the honor of Mary Elizabeth Stokes who unexpectedly passed away on July 9th, 2015 at age 32.   Liz was a licensed mental health counselor in the central Florida area who specialized in working with children and teenagers.  Because of her desire to help others, and her family’s desire to create a lasting memory in her honor, Liz’s Legacy was created.   Liz’s Legacy was initially formed by Liz’s parents, Jim and Margaret Stokes, and her brother and sister-in-law David and Danielle Stokes.   It is their desire to improve the lives of children and teenagers by providing life changing mental health counseling to those in need.

Our Approachabout-us-1

Liz’s Legacy has pre-approved counselors we believe to be the best available.  All mental health counselors are required to sign a statement of Christian Faith that they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.    Counselors must also have the proper federal, state, and local license requirements.  They are professionals with a  proven work experience with children and teenagers. Scholarships are provided to the counselors by Liz’s Legacy.    Prospective clients work directly with the counselors who then petition Liz’s Legacy for scholorship funds.  On a quarterly basis general reports and counts are sent back to the Liz Legacy board listing the number and ages of clients and types of  issues addressed.  Due to privacy laws, no client name, address, or personal information is ever requested or required to be send to the Board.

Liz’s Legacy is an approved Federal  ‘501c3’ charity organization  that holds multiple  fund raising events to support this mission.

The  Liz Legacy Board of Directors and ‘Friends of the Foundation’ donate their time and contribute separately to the Foundation’s operation’s cost.    100% of donated funds to Liz’s Legacy are  distributed  to support this mission.

I want to thank the folks at Liz Legacy Foundation for their generosity and for all of the time they put into such a worthy cause. Thank you.

March 13, 2018

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Meet the Team

The officers of Liz’s Legacy  are honored to support this worthy cause.

David A. Stokes


David is Civil Engineer and  partner in a local central Florida Civil Engineering firm that specializes in land development.   David’s hobbies are hunting, fishing, and competitive bicycling.  He and his wife Danielle, who is an elementary school teacher, have two  younge children.

Margaret Stokes


Margaret was an  elementary school teacher for 25 years and has been an active supporter of many central Florida charity organizations supporting  the needs of  children and teenagers.  Her hobbies are designing and creating custom antique jewelry and spending time with her grandchildren.

Jim Stokes


Jim was a Sr. Information Systems Project Manager for a local Aerospace company.    Jim and wife Margaret have lived in central Florida area  for over 40 years.   Jim hobbies are hunting ,  fishing, and  spending time with his grandchildren.

Next Steps

  • To obtain services for a child or teenager: Go to the ‘Home’ tab above and contact one of our counselors!
  • Join our distribution list and become a ‘Friend of the Foundation’ We will be providing quarterly updates and testimonials of central Florida children and teenagers.
  • Pray that God will use our Christian counselors to effectively meet and heal the difficult needs of struggling children and teenagers, so they can become productive adults.